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Naming Opportunities

Major gifts from donors can be recognized through naming rights for rooms and features in and around the shelter.

Donations and naming opportunities can also be made in the name of persons, pets, or special occasions to recognize events, people, and pets of special importance in our lives. It is a generous way to express your thoughtfulness.

Contact to discuss this opportunity.

Community Room

Be a part of one of the best rooms in the building. The community room will host boy and girl scout groups for educational programing. Training classes will be offered to the community at an affordable price. Community groups will be able to rent the space for their meetings, kids will have their birthday parties. A generous sized plaque with company logo if applicable will hang in this room, prominently displaying your generosity and commitment.


*Not Actual Room

Dog Kennel Room

Your name on the door leading into the dog kennels, what better way to show your love for man’s best friend. Sixteen modern kennels will be available in the shelter for adoptable dogs as well as lost dogs that are waiting for their owners to find them. Be a part of this vital space and help dogs find new forever homes.

Kitty City Cattery

24 Cat Condos will be available for adoptable cats in the cattery. Your name will be prominently displayed on one of the walls in the cattery. A fun and colorful environment for the cats to call home until they find their forever homes.

Treatment Room

A space for visiting veterinarians from the community and professors and veterinary technician students will come and keep our animals healthy and adoptable. Vaccinations and exams and minor treatments will happen in this room, your name could live here.


More Opportunities

Medical: Prep and Surgery 144 $25,000
Canine City (60 animals) 2,700 4 x $100,000
Canine Visiting Room #2 120 $15,000
Feline Visiting Room #2 100 $15,000
Lobby 864 $130,000
Food Prep Area 120 $25,000
Isolation Room Small $9,000
Isolation Room Large $24,000
Dog Isolation Kennel $44,000
Director’s Office 168 $8,000
Dog & Cat Intake Room $35,000 - 2 available
Laundry Room $58,000
Locker Room $35,000
Break Room $68,000
Storage Room $10,000/ea
Garage $100,000
Mechanical Room $45,000
Multi Purpose Room $35,000
Treatment Room $100,000
Major Donors $10,000
Rainbow Bridge 5 x $10,000
Picnic Table #3-6 4 x $500
Signage 4 x $5,000
Outdoor Pavilion and Outdoor Bench Amphitheater Not Available Yet
Silo Rennovation Not Available Yet
Visitor Patio Area 4 x $3,000
Drinking Fountains (animal and human) 4 x TBD
Outdoor Dog Area 4 x $1,000
Plaques on Rainbow Bridge $2,000
Bench 8 x $2,000
Statuary and Other Features Not Available Yet
Remembrance Wall Plaques $500
Small Paver $25
Medium Paver $50
Large Paver $75

All prices are based on the cost per square foot provided by the builder and
then rounded to the nearest whole amount. If you have any questions or
wish to name a room please contact Diana Neubarth, President Saint Croix
Animal Friends at or call 715.749.3763.
Thank you for your consideration!

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